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By TEAM Executive

Licence – Furniture, Wood Chip, Packaging Pallets

Customs Order 2017 requires application of export licence with MTIB for furniture, wood chip and packaging cases/pallet applies with effect from 1 April 2017

At our meeting on 28 April 2017, MTIB agreed to defer the requirement of export licence (AP) for furniture sector until further notice, for further review.

The requirement to register for export licence (TE and TS) for furniture, wood chip and packaging cases/pallet will be fully implemented by 1 June 2017.

By TEAM Executive

Declaration of Company ID with MTIB

Exporters are required to declare is company ID / Lot ID with the MTIB branch offices accordingly effective 3rd April 2017 in line with the Director General circular No 7/2016.

Kindly notify your forwarding agent and timber graders on this requirement.

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