The Timber Exporters’ Association of Malaysia (TEAM) is an organization that stands on representing the interests of its members since its establishment under its original name of Federation of Malaya Timber Exporters Association (FMTEA) in the year 1955. TEAM has been cooperating with many Government, and private agencies and their counterparts in building business paths and providing solutions to its members.

The Association is powered by a Management Committee led by an active President in support with all the committee members as well as the Auditors that are appointed by the members for every two years. The Management and staff of the Association always strive to establish positive growth and promotion of its members’ businesses as its priority. This Association is known for its continuous efforts to promote legal and certified timber and timber products, which cover PEFC, MYTLAS, Statement of Legality, etc.


Representing the interests of all exporters of timber and timber products, particularly in Peninsular Malaysia and cooperating with the Malaysian Government Authorities with regard to policies and measures dealing with the timber industry in Peninsular Malaysia generally, but with particular attention to the timber export trade from this part of Malaysia.


The principal objectives of TEAM are striving to improve the conditions of the timber export trade with particular reference to Peninsular Malaysia and to advocate, support, negotiate on, object to, any legislation affecting the timber export trade.