Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct


The Code of Conduct is introduced to develop the market in overseas countries for Malaysia’s timber products. The Code of Conduct is devised as a measure aimed at:-

Code Of Conduct

  1. This Code of Conduct (‘Code”) is intended to assist Members to develop overseas markets by assuring customers in markets who deal with Members that they are conducting their business with reputable organizations.
  2. All Members shall additionally subscribe to the provisions of the Codes of Practice relevant to their business which currently comprise the Tropical Hardwood Code of Practice.
  3. It is not intended that the Code should, in any case indicate in precise terms particular action which should or should not be taken but sets out principles which Members are required to apply with good sense, honesty and integrity in the spirit of the Code.
  4. Failure to observe the Code or the relevant Code of Practice could lead to appropriate action in accordance with the Complaints Procedures set out.
  5. Members shall:

Complaints Procedures In Association With Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) Or Malaysian Timber Council (MTC)

The following provisions and procedures shall apply to all complaints made by complainants whether as customers or traders under the Code.

Deal promptly and at an appropriate level with complaints;

Advise customers on enquiry that they have a complaints procedure and provide appropriate advice to customers on how to make a complaint;

Advise procedures that are available to such complainant if the customer is not satisfied with the way in which the complaint has been dealt with by the Member.

Complaints Procedure:

Upon receipt by TEAM of a complaint, TEAM shall in the first instance refer the complaint to the Committee for consideration.

If the complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction then TEAM shall endeavor to conciliate between the complainant and the Member with the aim of restoring communication between the complainant and the Member.

Where the complaint cannot be resolved by conciliation TEAM shall by mutual agreement of the complainant and the Member refer the matter to the Malaysian Centre for Mediation for settlement of the complaint with the assistance of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board/Malaysian Timber Council.

Tropical Hardwood Code Of Practice

All Members dealing in hardwood and associated products are required to adopt and comply with this Code of Practice.
Its aim is to assist Members in the promotion of their company’s efforts to correctly supply accurately marked and labelled products and to ensure the exposure of those known to be breaching the Code as a result of wilful product mis-labelling or mis-marking or deliberately offering prices below the market price. This Code will apply to all hardwood products of any dimension and is binding on all Members dealing in such goods.

The Timber Exporters' Association of Malaysia

(Note: Adopted and adapted from the TTF UK Code of Conduct And MTC Code of Conduct)
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