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Environment & Policies


The Malaysian Timber Industry Plays a Pivotal Role in the Country’s Economy, Contributing Significantly to Both Export Revenues and Employment Opportunities.

As global awareness of climate change and sustainable practices increases, Malaysia’s timber sector, through TEAM, advocates strategies that prioritize environmental sustainability while ensuring economic growth and outlines the measures to be taken to promote sustainability to all its members.
What we do
Selective Logging

Adopting selective logging practices helps minimize the impact on forests by targeting specific trees for extraction, leaving the ecosystem relatively intact.

Reforestation and Afforestation

Implementing reforestation and afforestation programs helps replenish lost forests, enhancing biodiversity and mitigating carbon emissions.

Technology and Innovation

Employing advanced technology, such as GPS tracking and remote sensing, aids in monitoring logging operations and detecting illegal activities.

Legislation and Enforcement

Strengthening regulations and enforcing penalties for illegal logging activities are essential for curbing environmentally harmful practices.

How we sustain our forests

Sustainable Forestry

Benefits of Sustainability

Preserving Biodiversity

Sustainable practices protect unique ecosystems, preserving the rich biodiversity found in Malaysian forests.

Climate Change Mitigation

Reduced deforestation and carbon emissions contribute to global efforts to protect and combat climate change.

Long-Term Industry Viability

Implementing sustainable practices ensures a steady supply of timber for future generations without depleting resources

Positive Reputation

Adopting eco-friendly practices enhances the industry’s reputation, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and investors.

TEAM Initiatives

Environmental Activities

Tree Planting in FRIM
MTA Webinar on EUDR
MY D.R.E.A.M Project – TEAM Initiative to Restore over 100 Ha of Degraded Forest

By embracing sustainable practices, implementing stringent regulations, and leveraging innovative technologies, TEAM works closely in the industry to transit towards a more environmentally friendly and economically viable future and the continued success of Malaysia's timber sector.

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