Membership Overview

Being a member of TEAM brings you lots of advantages. To-date, the membership of the Association has grown steadily to 700 strong comprising loggers, Sawmillers, Molding Operators, Furniture Manufacturers, Kiln-drying operators, Sawn Timber Exporters, as well as many others who trade in all types of timber products.

Its membership is categorized as Ordinary and Associate Members in accordance with its Rules & Regulations registered with the Registrar of Societies (RoS). In addition, members are governed by a Code of Conduct upon admission. TEAM has been helping the members to upgrade their business in this sector by having dialogues, visits, discussion and other action in realizing the principal objectives.



The Association plays an important role in liaising between various Government and Non-Government agencies, as well as an information and dissemination center. Continuous effort in promoting its members is being made through listings on and bi-yearly printed directories. Circulation of printed copies of its newsletter, TEAMber Business, is another platform whereby members are kept informed of current activities and events. Since its establishment, the fundamental operation of the Association has been to assist members in applying for export licenses with the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), the licensing authority under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC).

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  1. TEAM gives you beneficial information regarding the procedures for exporting the timber or timber products.
  2. TEAM provides you the list of contacts with other timber suppliers from local and foreign countries to keep in touch with.
  3. TEAM offer you the opportunities for marketing abroad.
  4. TEAM had searching the opportunity for you to build more agreements with local or even foreign company.
  5. TEAM expose you to the current economic situation thus making your business well planned.
  6. TEAM also organizes yearly events like Annual Dinners, Golf Fellowships for its members to know and socialize with each other.
  7. TEAM has published its newsletter with many useful input for its members.
  8. TEAM has been joining many dialogues, visits, and etc which make this association to be well known in this industry.
  9. TEAM had its ongoing discussion meetings with relevant authorities that is actively carried out to explore possible solutions to obstacles faced by its members.
  10. TEAM is known for its continuous efforts to promote legal and certified timber and timber products, which cover PEFC, MYTLAS, Statement of Legality, etc.


Join TEAM and you will gain the latest info array and find possible solutions in upgrading your business, being aware of the economic situation or even getting more prospect for your timber products from local and foreign companies. The Association pride itself in doing its best supporting the timber and timber products industry. Register Your Interest Here