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Join TEAM and you will gain the latest info array and find possible solutions in upgrading your business, being aware of the economic situation or even getting more prospects for your timber products from local and foreign companies the Association prides itself in doing its best to support the timber and timber products industry.

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Exposure Worldwide

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TEAM is very dedicated to give full commitment in striving success especially for its members. Many actions have been taken in realizing its mission by organizing dialogues, meetings, yearly events and providing services to its members.

Membership Directory

Serving members by publishing information about them for reference by parties which found such information useful and relevant. The Directory provides a repository of information among members, and non-members within and outside Malaysia, since the Directory will be circulated globally.


Members are kept informed with current activities and news. The content of the newsletter is filled entirely with various information including news brief, which members are exposed to the current global issues in this industry, listing of new member, trade enquiries that involve international organizations and etc.

Promoting Members

Members of TEAM will be promoted in order to enhance the members’ business to a higher level by advertising their company profile and directories globally through listings on and bi-yearly printed directories. Members may have the chance to collaborate with the international counterparts.

Assisting Members

Members of TEAM will be assisted to upgrade their business, applying for export licenses with the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), licensing authority under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC) and etc. This is in line with the vision and mission adapted in this Association.

Ongoing Meeting

Ongoing discussion meetings with relevant authorities have been actively carried out to explore possible markets for its members to expand their business and solutions to obstacles faced by its members, including foreign exchange rate fluctuations, shipping freight hikes, foreign labor-related issues, etc.

Advertising Offer

This service enable advertisers, principally TEAM members, to reach their target audience and to expose their products, personnel and contacts whenever visits are made to the site. In addition, members can even advertise to recruit staff. A fee will be charged for this advertisement.

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