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18 and 19 May 2023, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

“Will inbound fumigation for logs and sawn timber be allowed? When?”

“Is Malaysia ready to provide geolocation? When?”

These red-hot questions from the industry had been discussed during the “Past Review, Way Forward: Your Future” event held by TEAM in Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

The purpose of the event is to review the development of the timber industry of Malaysia in its early days and to discuss the way forward with the relative agencies and stakeholders.

In line with this, TEAM has invited representatives from the Ministry of Plantation and Commodities (MPC), Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia (FDPM), Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) and Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) to give presentations on the past contributions and future plans of their organisation/agencies on the development of the timber industry in Malaysia.

All speakers were invited to a panel session where dialogue was held between the speakers and participants.

Extract herewith some points from the panel discussion.

… To allow inbound fumigation to be done in Malaysia
Although DOA laws currently do not allow inbound fumigation, the Industry have requested the Government to review this proposal by the industry in order to solve raw material shortage issue and help the industry members remain competitive in the field of export.

… The increase in certain fees by MTIB
TEAM members pointed out that all sectors of the timber industry should bear fair responsibility, and increased cost should not just be directed to one sector.

… By developing a geolocation mechanism in Malaysia
Mr Marco Poot of Blue Roots Sdn Bhd suggested to the Forestry Department to take a look at the geolocation implemented in the African region. If this could be done there, it could be possible in our forests.

Members of TEAM were able to voice out their concerns and give constructive suggestions to the relevant agencies. The panel speakers were receptive to the suggestions made during the 3-hour long panel discussion session.

Special thanks to the Speakers:

Dato’ Mohd Rahim bin Rani, Deputy DG (Operations & Technical), FDPM
Mrs Sabrina Mawasi, Acting CEO, MTCC
Dr Mohd Nor Zamri Mat Amin, DG, MTIB
Mr Wan Ahmad Asmady Wan Md Din, Senior Undersecretary, Timber, Tobacco and Kenaf Industries Development Division, MPC
Mrs Noraihan Abdul Rahman, CEO, MTC

and the Moderator:
Mr Yong Teng Koon

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