The Company

  • Established in 2007
  • Personnel has 10 years experience in Bioreactor & Filtration
  • Dedicated & experienced in-house “SERVICE ENGINEER”
  • Manufacture & sold first “BIOSYS” bioreactor in 2008
  • Core range of products and services centers on BIOREACTOR and BIOSEPARATION PRODUCTS & EQUIPMENT.
  • Experience technical and engineering team to perform servicing; troubleshooting and repair of all make types of industrial scale bioreactors and associated equipments.
  • Fully equipped with sophisticated measuring equipment to diagnose crucial parameters in our field of specialization to provide value added service to our clients.

Fermetec 2010 Breakthrough

  • Secure a turn-key contract from overseas to build a 30,000L bioreactor plant complete with down stream equipments (GMP compliance).
  • Secure a turn-key contract from a local company to build 1000L bioreactor system with downstream equipment.
  • Supply a 10-100L bioreactor system to SIRIM for their Technofund project.
  • Supply Bioreactor Clean Room Cabin on a turn-key basis to Ministry of Defense (GMP compliance).
  • Supply jacketed tank for disposable bag system to Biopharmaceutical Company.
  • Supply 2 on-line YSI system to cGMP Biopharmaceutical plant in Malaysia.


We strive to provide total commitment in offering engineered solutions of the highest quality in our field of expertise by maximizing customers.


  • Total Solution Provider in the field of Bio-Processing, Bio-Engineering and Life Sciences.
  • Total Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate target.


  • To be a Total Solution and Consulting provider in the field of Bio-processing & Life Sciences.
  • To provide top class pre and after sales services.
  • To be the pioneer Bio-Reactor brand name in Malaysia.
  • To be an environmentally friendly company.
  • To spread our business throughout Malaysia and Internationally.