TEAM - Timber Exporters' Association of MalaysiaTEAM - Timber Exporters' Association of Malaysia

by TEAM Executive

We are pleased to inform you that the DG agreed to:

  1. Postpone the prohibition of ungraded sawn timber (forest species) for exports until 30 June 2017 for further review;
  2. adopt the declaration of lot number / bundle ID / parcel number in the export license and grading summary; and stencil the declared lot number / bundle ID / parcel number at the end of the each bundle and/or a piece of 4” x 5” paper on each bundle as stipulated in the DG’s Circular no. 7/2016;
  3. get ICT department to look into the problems of entering Grading Summary data through new interface of MCS; and
  4. simplify the application procedures for grader’s quota top up through MCS.

Should you require further clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

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